Saturday, May 1, 2010

Painting #61 when plants rejoice, they turn purple

When Dan and I first got married, I had such rosy dreams of having a beautiful garden, full of huge blooms, and lush colors… so, we spent several days pulling an endless amount of weeds, buying a huge truck of dirt, moving that dirt into place using a snow shovel, and planting tiny little seedlings. However, we were doomed. I have a brown thumb. None of my flowers got very big, and they certainly weren’t lush. But, the hydrangea plants saved my reputation. We planted three around the front of the garden, so they were always visible, and, thankfully, they bloomed! Ya… I felt like a pretty good gardener when I saw that…

In memory of those blessed bushes, I’ve painted this oil painting. It’s the largest one I’ve done so far (a little taste of things to come) and was very enjoyable to work on.
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In less than 24 hours, someone will be the proud owner of a lovely oil painting! Be sure to enter the contest! I have just a few hours to go!!! I don’t want to have anyone come crying to me on Sunday, saying they “really meant to enter… but just forgot….” That would just be tragic. So, to save yourself from ultimate grief, be sure to check out the details and enter the contest!

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thejoyofcolor said...

I love your paintind and this heydregena is fantastic , they are my favorit too. We were in Itally 3 years ago in the Protofino Area and they were blooming in pinks and blues evrry werer, You have a beautiful Blog Emily, and i appreciate to 365 painting project,! I try to draw every day but i'm not that disciplened as you. I'll come again to see all of them , now i'm going to bake some Brownies to my younger son who is in the army. Thanks Yael


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