Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My life, the thriller.

 Hello!  Well, let me up-date you on my crazy life!  Over the past couple months since my last post on this blog I have completed three more little painting that coordinate with the one in my last post (and they're pretty cute together, I have to say!) packed up my whole house, drove myself and two little girls from far-west Texas all the way to far-east South Carolina where my husband is now stationed.  unpacked our whole house (my goodness we have a lot of stuff!) into our new home in Charleston, got settled in for a couple days, then had a whole party of out of town guests come for a visit.  They left, then we left for a little "R&R" in DC during which time we proceeded to sleep very little and walk very, very, very far across that awesome city.  After a week of excitement there we headed to Greenville, SC, then onto Atlanta, then - finally - home to our new home (still in partial boxes) in Charleston.  My goodness I hate being in the car! 

We have had a couple days of "normal" so I am getting back to work!  I thought I would start by updating my shop!  Here are a couple images from that process.  I was also honored with being featured in several treasuries on Etsy!  I really love the one pictured above. 

And now, back to work!  I'll be posting some photos of new work soon (as soon as I can find the box that has my watercolor paints in it!)


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