Monday, May 31, 2010

Etsy Treasures

A treasury I'm in....
A treasury I created....

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Weekend!

My darling husband and I are going away this weekend for a much needed get-away.  I'll be posting lots of painting on Monday!  I have three "almost" done right now!  Check back then!

Friday, May 28, 2010

The way I look at Charleston

Have you ever felt like you have a second home, even though you've never lived there?  Something just fits.  That's the way I am in Charleston.  I hope the locals don't see me as a tourist, because, although I carry my camera in front of my face up and down each street, I don't feel like a tourist...  

I absolutely love painting city scenes.  Especially store windows.  I love the reflections, the glitz of the lights, and the statue like poses of window displays.  So picturesque.  I'm sure these photographs will turn into paintings in the days to come.

We had a wonderful time in Charleston on Wednesday.  It was a bitter-sweet trip.  You see, Wednesday was the anniversary of the passing of my father-in-lw.  We went there with Dan's mother to celebrate the day.  We are so happy that Dad Jeffords is with Jesus now!  We miss him very, very much, but know we'll see him soon, and in the mean time, he's having a marvelous time worshiping his maker.  

Painting #84 Dreamy Green Fields

This is a lush, dreamy landscape of grass.... and skies... and clouds.  So simple, yet so complex.  I mean, emotionally, look at all those colors (colors do have emotions), and spiritually (how could you honestly say there is no God when you look at the world in front of you.  If you cam, you have an enormous amount of faith!) and scientifically (I can't even begin o touch he surface with my finite mind), and physically (picnic, or soccer, or plien air painting? anyone?)

I just love these colors... so fresh and summery.
Painted on a 7x10 inch block of wood, this painting is totally ready for display on your shelf, mantle, or wall.  You can buy it on my Etsy Page along with a few other lovely little gems.

Well, with that, I'm off to bed to dream in lime-green and teal (do you dream in color? i can't figure out if I really do or not).

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Flying South Slowly

I must admit that I had a little bit to much fun creating this commission sculpture for my daughter. Yes, Annalisa commissioned it for her bedroom… and yes, it is a painting (kind of). Each clay bird is painting, so that counts… Annalisa and I had great fun creating this. I enjoyed molding, and shaping, and balancing, while Annalisa thought it was great that I was standing on a chair over the crib, with my hands in the air, string in my mouth, while birds bouncing all over the place as I try to correctly balance them (much harder than it looks!)

Thankfully, she was thoroughly pleased with the finished installation. She is one though little client!
We’ll be keeping this one, but if you would like to order one of these mobiles for your home, I can’t say that I blame you! It brings a lovely sense of peace and interact design to a room. I’m quite pleased… Email me, and we can work out the details!  I created this one for Annalisa's room, but it would also look great in a livingroom, breakfast nook, office, or in front of pretty much any window.

I’ll be out tomorrow, so see you on Friday!

Painting #82 Water Lily

When I was 16 I was able to see Manet’s Water lilies oil painting live and in person. I got as close to that painting as my bonds would let me. I remember leaning over those horrid red velvet ropes to examine all the little color variation… and (somewhat embarrassing) to see if I could smell the paint. I was in my own little painting heaven. I’m sure the guards were watching my very closely, ready to pounce if I went any further. I wanted so badly to touch it! Paintings are meant to be felt as well as seen! (Please, when you get one of my paintings, don’t be afraid to feel it!)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not comparing my water lily painting to THE Water Lily painting! I would never dream of doing that! About the only things they have in common are subject matter and oil paint!

I do think it’s very important to glean knowledge and perspective from other artists, especially great ones!

One of the hardest, and most instructive, projects I did in college was paint “after a master”. What a great way to pin point my strengths and weaknesses!

Shameless plug: If you live in the Greenville area, and want to get better (or begin) painting, consider taking a class I’m teaching this summer! “Painting Like The Masters”. We’re going to look at famous artists and create 2-3 paintings using their style. This is a great way to learn to paint or to dramatically improve your skills. Email me if you would like more info! I’d love to have you there (you obviously already have a good eye, because you’re on my blog…. j/k).

Check out my Etsy shop for this and other paintings!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I’ve noticed that I have a style. That’s all fine and good… but I don’t want to get stuck, ya know. I love painting and watching trends immerge (brush strokes, colors, shapes, etc.) but I like spicing things up every now and then. That’s where this painting comes in.

Abstract paintings are so intriguing. I love the conflict they present. You don’t have to understand it and it doesn’t have to make sense at all. But, in a good piece of abstract art, there is something that just feels right.

Personally, I love the colors and the weight of this painting. It has a nice give and take quality to it. I like the way the light balances out the dark and the color subtly meld. I don’t know if that makes any sense to anyone else… but that’s what stands out to me! What about you?

Check out my Etsy shop. This 12x16 inch oil painting can be found there along with a few others. I’ve painted the edges of this painting red (to add a fabulous bit of contemporary pop to it) but it would also look great in a simple black frame, hanging on your wall!
Tomorrow, I’m hanging a clay sculpture in my daughter’s bedroom! Come back and see it!

Painting #80 Beach, Here I Come

I'm in a beach mood. I really want to take Annalisa to the shore and watch her discover sand, and sun, and the waves. I hope she is not to scared! She hates loud noises more than pretty much anything. I was using a leaf blower a couple days ago, and she freaked out even though Dan was holding her. Poor little girl.

So, I hope she loves the ocean as much as I do even though it can be a little noisy. We'll see!

Our anniversary is on Monday (!) so I think we're going to take a little holiday at the shore. We're such free-spirits, we don't plan ahead...

In order to help get my husband in the beach mood, I painted a portrait of a shore line. It's a lovely, warm oil painting on a wooden block (no frame required!)

You can buy this painting on my Etsy Shop along with several other lovely (and affordable) paintings, perfect for that space that needs a little artistic bling.

Oh! And an installation is going up in my daughter's room tomorrow! So, be sure to check back for photographs! It's going to be stunning.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I love living in the South. It's just a wonderful place to live! Greenville is especially wonderful. Dan and I ran downtown after working in the yard all afternoon. We were just going to grab some pizza and go home... but we got swept away is the energy of the night; perfect weather, great food (not pizza after all), lovely scenery, and wonderful company.

I also love pink, and flowers, and white, and grey, and layers, and shades, and petals, and red, and leaves, and paintings. So, I combined them all into a regal portrait of a peony. I know I just did one of these, but a sweet lady asked me to paint a peony similar to "Blush" which was painted on wood, but larger, and on a flatter surface. I'm honored to do so!

It's birthday season, wedding season, and baby season (everyone is having babies all of the sudden!)  With all these dear events happening, stop by my shop to pick out a special gift for a special person!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cotton Candy Sky Over Raymond Street

Well, now that it’s officially Saturday (even by my somewhat skewed clock), I’m posting my painting for the day… well, make that yesterday. This is Friday’s painting. It’s beautiful. But really, how could I go wrong with this subject matter! God is such an incredible artist. Just look at the sky! Each and every day it is radically different. I could never hope to paint thousands and thousands of sky paintings and make them all different – off the top of my head! The sky scene in the photograph that was sent to me was no less astounding. There were little bright orange, peach, and purple cotton ball clouds dotted all over the sky. I’ve never seen a sky like that one (again, proving my point…).  And have you noticed that the sky changes dramatically across the country (and world for that matter).  Where were you last time you looked up and stood in awe of the canvas above your head? 

This is an 8x10 watercolor painting of a beautiful house that the family is moving out of, so I hope this painting will be a sweet reminder of their lovely home.
If you have a photograph you would like me to paint, send it to me!  I love creating paintings that are  meaningful to individuals (e.i., you…), so bring it on!

You can also check out all the paintings that are still for sale on my Etsy Page.

Happy Saturday!!!

Art Show at the Brew and Ewe

These are photographs of an art show, featuring the works of my students.  They range from 5 years old, to 16.  I am so proud of each and every one of them!  Their artwork looked incredible on display at the Brew and Ewe coffee shop!
click on the photos to enlarge them.

Friday, May 21, 2010

My Mini Online Gallery

A collection of paintings that are still for sale.  
If you would like to purchase one of these paintings, please either email me or buy it on my Etsy shop.
Thanks for all your feedback and comments!!!  I could not do this project with out you!


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