Friday, May 28, 2010

Painting #84 Dreamy Green Fields

This is a lush, dreamy landscape of grass.... and skies... and clouds.  So simple, yet so complex.  I mean, emotionally, look at all those colors (colors do have emotions), and spiritually (how could you honestly say there is no God when you look at the world in front of you.  If you cam, you have an enormous amount of faith!) and scientifically (I can't even begin o touch he surface with my finite mind), and physically (picnic, or soccer, or plien air painting? anyone?)

I just love these colors... so fresh and summery.
Painted on a 7x10 inch block of wood, this painting is totally ready for display on your shelf, mantle, or wall.  You can buy it on my Etsy Page along with a few other lovely little gems.

Well, with that, I'm off to bed to dream in lime-green and teal (do you dream in color? i can't figure out if I really do or not).

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