Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Flying South Slowly

I must admit that I had a little bit to much fun creating this commission sculpture for my daughter. Yes, Annalisa commissioned it for her bedroom… and yes, it is a painting (kind of). Each clay bird is painting, so that counts… Annalisa and I had great fun creating this. I enjoyed molding, and shaping, and balancing, while Annalisa thought it was great that I was standing on a chair over the crib, with my hands in the air, string in my mouth, while birds bouncing all over the place as I try to correctly balance them (much harder than it looks!)

Thankfully, she was thoroughly pleased with the finished installation. She is one though little client!
We’ll be keeping this one, but if you would like to order one of these mobiles for your home, I can’t say that I blame you! It brings a lovely sense of peace and interact design to a room. I’m quite pleased… Email me, and we can work out the details!  I created this one for Annalisa's room, but it would also look great in a livingroom, breakfast nook, office, or in front of pretty much any window.

I’ll be out tomorrow, so see you on Friday!

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