Sunday, November 13, 2011

I have created a new painting and I'm so excited to share it with you!  It's been far to long since my last painting; but anything longer than a few days feels way to long to me...
“Nearing 143657″ is a 4×4 inch baby painting.  I love painting tiny paintings because they are perfect little pops of artistic expression.  I like to place them on a shelf near a collection of pretty books, or on a mantle by a vase of flowers.  They also look great in groups, or solo in a little area, hanging on the wall.  Well really, they just look great no matter where you put them!  Tiny paintings are also perfect for the art lover without a huge budget.  These babies are priced just right (think, Christmas gift!)

“Nearing 14367″ is so named after the location this painting was inspired by.  My parents live at 14367 CR 37 in a beautiful home out in the country in Northern, Ohio.  Their home has to be one of the most warm, welcoming, comfortable, loving (and yummy!) places on earth.  I took this snapshot while driving down the road on the way “home” one afternoon.  There is so much lush foliage, and warm sunshine in this place…  I incorporated many shades of gold and cheery green, as well as a huge variety of warm blues in the sky.  It hope this painting fills you with that sense of lovely warmth and belonging as well!
There are eight more small paintings coming soon but you can find this one in my fine art shop.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Facebook Page coming soon!

Stop by and say hello!
BeautifulHello inspiration blog:

So much excitement!  Life is amazing... but life is oh so crazy.  

In case you're wondering, no, I am NOT going to stop painting!  I have oil paints in my blood.  I think in watercolors.  I am not stopping.  There will be many more paintings posted on this blog in the days ahead, so be sure to check back often or "follow" this blog so you'll be the first to know when they're posted!  I simply have to focus on a different expression of my art for the time being.  We're living in a small apartment (without a studio or place to paint), while living in a strange city in the middle of nowhere in Texas.  And with my husbands stressful and crazy work schedule and my two daughters, I need to put aside my first art-love for right now to focus on my family and other art forms.
I'm not trying to sound cranky or discontent!  I'm not at all!  I know this is where God wants me right now, and where I'm supposed to do...  I just want you to know that I'll be back!  

We're moving to Charleston early next year and I am soooo hoping for a house with a studio... or at least a cozy little painting corner.  But either way, i'm looking forward to getting out my brushes again soon!
I may even surprise myself and create a line of little paintings before Christmas!

Friday, October 21, 2011


In case you're wondering what occupies my time these days:

I just had to share some photos I took yesterday.  My little darlings sure to keep me busy, but they also keep me smiling, happy, laughing, on my toes, active, attentive, peaceful, and oh so joyful. I wouldn't trade Annalisa Grace or Madelyn Ansley for anything in the world.  
We're having fun together on our Texas adventure.  

It doesn't hurt that they're both ridiculously cute... 

Annalisa is 2 now (!) and Madelyn is 8 month old.  They're both learning so much and have started to really enjoy playing together.  So fun.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Beautiful Hello and I Wish We Had Fall

Hello to my most faithful of followers.  I have been a horrible blogger as of late.  I’m so sorry!  As you know, we moved to Texas where my husband has been doing some advanced training for his job in the Air Force, and since then I’ve only completed four paintings (one of which I hate because it’s blue and for some reason I don’t like blue.  Weird, I know).  Honestly, its been hard to paint here.  I’m used to having a room full of light and peace and space in which to let all my creative juices come out through paint, but that’s not really the set up I have goin’ here…  Because we’re only here for 6 months, we decided to get a smaller apartment to save money for our, hopefully, much nicer home in Charleston (where we’ll be moving next!)  I have to say I am very, very excited about that.  Really, just seeing green grass makes me happy these days… Charleston, SC is going to feel like paradise with all the little gardens hidden around town, and the lush sea side feel…  can not wait.

I am, however, still staying very busy!  I’ve created a new line of wedding invitations and save-the-date cards that make me very happy.  I’m such a hopeless romantic deep down…  I’m selling them on my shop: .  Hop over and check them out!  Even if you’re old and married (like me) they’ll make your day a little brighter.  They are all "DIY invitations" meaning I design a custom piece for you, format it onto paper and you get it printed and assembled.  It's totally I win win because the bride and groom still get that custom, unique look (that normally costs an arm and a leg) for a tiny fraction of the price, and I get to focus on designing (the part I loooove) and less on printing. 

Here are a couple samples.  I am still working on getting examples printed of all the other ones I have completed.  Coming soon!

See...  we're still in love...  and such a cute couple we are!
(yes, I made up fake names and info.  That way no weirdos find us)

Since we don’t really have fall here (everything died back in May, so there are no leaves to change colors) I thought I’d create a virtual fall/love collage for my own sake.  But I thought you may enjoy it too.   The first image "DIY Photo Wedding Invitation" was created by yours truly. 

If you have some leaves near your home, jump in them for me!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Painting Ohio - Progress

Things that make Monday great:  Got my new macbook pro battery!!  I no longer have a portable desktop!  Design Star on Hulu, coffee table DIY is alllmost done! horrid gold lamp is not a sleek and trendy black with a very unique shade, and I have chocolate chip cookies!!  ...only missing my dear man.  Wish you were here Dan!!

Final Photos and background stories coming tomorrow!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Headed West

Well it's done.  The first substantial (aka, large) painting for our new living room!  As you know, we just moved to West Texas from sunny, lush, green South Carolina.  Let me tell you... it's a bit of a landscape culture shock.  I used to live in Houston, so I thought I knew what I was getting into... but it feel so different!
I love the warm colors, the HUGE sky, and the hundred different shades of yellow that are prevalent here.   It seems like you can see for miles and miles and miles... and, you probably can!   I snapped the photo that inspired this painting on my drive from San Antonio, TX to San Angelo, TX.
This painting, called "Headed West" is 24x36 inches on canvas.  I cannot wait to get it framed and hung behind our lovely new couch!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Headed West - Painting Progress

Well it's not done yet... but close!  I'll try to finish it tonight and post pictures tomorrow of the completed piece.  I know right where its going to go, and I'm so excited to frame it and hang it up!!  Why does oil paint take sooo long to dry??  I just love working on large canvases.  <3

...isn't Annalisa getting big!!  You can't really tell here, but she's running, and skipping, and dancing, and using new words every day.  I love it.  She has an infatuation with this painting too.  Maybe it's because it's sitting on a box on the ground... (my art table broke in our move and I haven't gotten a new one yet.  Besides, what more could I want!  I have a big box and a pink velvet poof!) ...or maybe it's because I keep telling her not to put her fingers in the paint... or maybe she's a natural born artist and she just can't resist those colors and smells, and textures... 

I'm going to go with that one. 

Check back tomorrow for the latest piece in my growing "Texas collection"!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Texas, From My Point of View

I cannot tell you how good it feels to paint again!!  It's been far to long.  I've missed you dear brushes!!  You should have seen me... on all of my cross country adventures (with my sweet baby and sister in the car) I would frantically grab for my camera (which of course, was never where I left it), trying to still drive in a straight line at 80 mph, and snap a picture of some amazing sun set, or lush field, or dry landscape.  I am sooo excited about doing a series of landscape painting inspired by the beautiful variety of America I've seen over the past couple months. 

This particular painting is hitting pretty close to what is now "home".  I snapped this photo soon after entering Texas.  I love how huge and grand the sky looks, and how much depth there is in the golden fields.

This is an oil painting on canvas.  It measures 11x16 and has a dramatic red border (I'm liking the suprise element that adds to my decor).  I haven't decided if I'm going to sell this painting quite yet...  my new apartment feels a little naked...

Many more paintings to come!! 

I must clarify, (for the sake of my artistic integrity!!)  I was not painting this landscape!!!  I was just admiring the similarities...  This is the view from my bedroom window.  You should see it at night...  wow.  Maybe I'll paint that someday! 

Summer of Adventures

Wow.  What an adventure these past couple months have been!!  Let me catch you up!  Since my last post, I have packed more boxes than I wish to remember, arranged them like a rubix cube in a storage unit,  spent a lovely time in Charleston, SC, said goodbye to my dear, dear husband for two months while he received training with the US Air Force, I have travelled thousands of miles (in a car.  With two babies) across the country, spent precious time with my dear family (on both sides) celebrated my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary with a huge family reunion (I had the honor of decorating and flowering everything -- so much fun),  kissed my girls double time (for their daddy while he was away), travelled from Ohio to San Antonio, TX with a caravan of family for my husbands AF graduation (SUCH a fun weekend), and then, on to San Angelo, TX, where my husband continues his training and my girls and I battle the heat and enjoy our time together in the wild, wild west!

God has brought us such a long way.  I've never felt his grace and peace more powerfully that this summer.

Here are a few photos of my adventures!!  (sorry there are so many..  there were just so many photogenic moments!)
I'm excited about getting into this blog again and hope that you'll join me!

Angela of Spindrift Images took our family portraits.  Beautiful!!

This was SUCH a fun celebration!  Congratulations Grama and Papa!!  I love you!

Needless to say... I'm SO very, very proud of my husband.  He is an amazing man.


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