Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer of Adventures

Wow.  What an adventure these past couple months have been!!  Let me catch you up!  Since my last post, I have packed more boxes than I wish to remember, arranged them like a rubix cube in a storage unit,  spent a lovely time in Charleston, SC, said goodbye to my dear, dear husband for two months while he received training with the US Air Force, I have travelled thousands of miles (in a car.  With two babies) across the country, spent precious time with my dear family (on both sides) celebrated my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary with a huge family reunion (I had the honor of decorating and flowering everything -- so much fun),  kissed my girls double time (for their daddy while he was away), travelled from Ohio to San Antonio, TX with a caravan of family for my husbands AF graduation (SUCH a fun weekend), and then, on to San Angelo, TX, where my husband continues his training and my girls and I battle the heat and enjoy our time together in the wild, wild west!

God has brought us such a long way.  I've never felt his grace and peace more powerfully that this summer.

Here are a few photos of my adventures!!  (sorry there are so many..  there were just so many photogenic moments!)
I'm excited about getting into this blog again and hope that you'll join me!

Angela of Spindrift Images took our family portraits.  Beautiful!!

This was SUCH a fun celebration!  Congratulations Grama and Papa!!  I love you!

Needless to say... I'm SO very, very proud of my husband.  He is an amazing man.

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