Monday, March 26, 2012

The Greenest Place

Check out my latest little guy!   
The Greenest Place, a little 4x4 oil painting on gallery canvas.  xox
Thick paint strokes, lovely teal, and major contrast...  where would you put this little one?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Summer's End

 Two posts in one night....  crazy.  But here is the twin to the painting I just shared with you.
Aren't they a cute couple?  
"Summer's End" 4x4 oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas and is, of course, available in my shop! 
This oil painting is a little fresher, a little greener, a little simpler.  

As you can see, I have the cutest little helper in the world.  ...but please, baby, don't touch!

Little Fields of Gold

Hello dear readers!
I have begun painting again!  It's like a refreshment for my soul, let me tell you!  We are pretty much settled into our new home, my art room, while not set up quite right, is unpacked, and my brushes are getting a little action!

Now, let me introduce you to one of my newest little guys!   “Little Fields of Gold” is a charming little oil painting with yellow and golden fields in the foreground, layers of warm sky and clouds, and dots of trees and shrubs. The brush strokes and the thickness of the paint (“impasto”) to add character, visual direction, and a feeling of lovely texture to this little painting.

I love the tiny size! This little guy measures 4×4 inches, which, for some reason, allows me to get out of my head and just paint. I had fun playing around with the color pallet; warm teal, gold, blue, gray. The canvas is 1.5 inches wide (edge) and is able to stand on it's own and it is very easy to hang. 

So happy, so cute, so bold and brash for such a small thing! 
You can find this baby in my shop or on my new portfolio website!   Please, go on over there and see what I've been working on!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My life, the thriller.

 Hello!  Well, let me up-date you on my crazy life!  Over the past couple months since my last post on this blog I have completed three more little painting that coordinate with the one in my last post (and they're pretty cute together, I have to say!) packed up my whole house, drove myself and two little girls from far-west Texas all the way to far-east South Carolina where my husband is now stationed.  unpacked our whole house (my goodness we have a lot of stuff!) into our new home in Charleston, got settled in for a couple days, then had a whole party of out of town guests come for a visit.  They left, then we left for a little "R&R" in DC during which time we proceeded to sleep very little and walk very, very, very far across that awesome city.  After a week of excitement there we headed to Greenville, SC, then onto Atlanta, then - finally - home to our new home (still in partial boxes) in Charleston.  My goodness I hate being in the car! 

We have had a couple days of "normal" so I am getting back to work!  I thought I would start by updating my shop!  Here are a couple images from that process.  I was also honored with being featured in several treasuries on Etsy!  I really love the one pictured above. 

And now, back to work!  I'll be posting some photos of new work soon (as soon as I can find the box that has my watercolor paints in it!)


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