Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Painting #110 The Eastern Sunrise

I’m back! I apologize for my inexcusable absence for the last two days! I can’t was that I’ve been enjoying the time away, because I haven’t been doing anything exceptionally fun that would keep me from you. Just life. Lovely, excitingly varied, life. I have been working on a commission watercolor painting. It’s coming along… and I think it will be beautiful when it’s done! I don’t want to post progress photos because watercolors can sometimes look very, very undone, and disjointed until the last moment, when they have that ah-ha moment. I love that. It’s my favorite part of painting. I plan on completing it on Thursday.

Tomorrow I will be out. A dear friend of the family has passed away, so I’ll be traveling to her funeral tomorrow. She was such a wonderful, Godly, encouraging lady. I know her family and many, many friends are going to miss her greatly. But, we know she is singing in heaven right now, not missing us at all.
The painting I did today was a bit of an experiment in texture. I used the back of the masonite board to get those little raised pattern. I enjoyed the variation, but prefer the smooth texture of the traditional masonite. Now I know! This painting was shamelessly inspired by Design Star (HGTV). There was a beautiful room designed using purples, lilacs, pinks, black and white, and it was stunning. Those colors were my inspiration as I painted this 12x16 oil painting.

This painting “The Eastern Sunrise” is for sale in my shop for $110! There are other lovely paintings of all sizes, styles, and prices still listed there, so check it out!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Three of the Prettiest Things

Without further ado, here are the three darling little painting you’ve been waiting for! They are a garden party waiting to happen. I used three cheerful, summery shades for the backgrounds to create that happy, yet romantic, mood.

Each of these paintings are 2x3 inches, oil on canvas, with dark black/brown edges (so you don’t need to frame it if you don’t want to!)

Tutu in Green
Oil on Canvas, 2x3 inches
(pictured above) 

I just love the refined blue vase, the candy colors, the deep browns, and the blush-pink flowers that are the star of this painting. I’ve always wanted to have a huge vase full of tulips… and some day, I will! In the mean time, I painted a lovely arrangement that you can enjoy all year long.

Green Roses Sans Thorns

When Dan and I got married, I wanted green flowers, but not those absurd looking dyed monstrosities… natural, lush, and romantic looking flowers. These roses are pale green and b-e-a-u-tiful!  And the polka-dotted vase just seemed so right.

Hydrangea Hurrah

Pair this painting with a few paper flower garlands, cupcakes, bottles of Sparkling Blackberry Izze, and you have the perfect party. I just love the green hydrangea blooms, the dark and dramatic dotted vase, with the nectarine shaded background.

Cute, cute, cute...

These paintings are a mere $20 each! You can buy them off of my Etsy shop, or by sending me an email: Theartist.emily@gmail.com

Friday, June 25, 2010

Painting #110 Deck the Sky With Festive Songs

And... here it is!  My gift of gratitude to my grandparents for their lovely gift to me... and one of the cutest paintings I've featured here!  I just love creating collages...  they feel so complex, yet relaxed with their many layers and textures and shapes.  This collage was especially enjoyable because it's just so happy!  Two little care-free birds signing together on a decked-out cheerful set of electrical wires.  I added the black and white border to give the painting a bit of weight and to add a little drama.  

I used watercolors paper, watercolor paints, pen and ink, a variety of fine papers, and some shimmering vellum paper.  

What do you think?  I would like to do a few more paintings in this style, so if you have any ideas, please let me know!  

Don't forget to check back tomorrow morning (not too early of course...) for three darling, little, paintings that will fit in any budget and decor perfectly!

I know this blog isn't about Annalisa....  but she's just so cute and photogenic.  It's hard for me not to include her in EVERY post, so I don't feel bad about slipping a few photos in every now and then...  besides, she helped me with this collage.  She crumpled up the paper I wasn't using.  Thanks, baby!  

She's got her "puffs" snack.  Life is good.  

Shades of Grey Treasury

Just so you don't forget...  there are a few different pieces of art up my sleeve.  I a quite excited that one of these darling collages made in into a treasury on Etsy!

There are 9 collages left, and they are each inspired by landscapes, textures, fabrics, patterns, and most of all, shades of grey. By using textured papers, cloth, and thread, I created these collages to be very tactile. The landscapes are drawn with ink washes; very subtle, and peaceful, yet elegant and trendy.   

If you would like more info about these collages, check out my original blog post, or, of course, you can head right on over to my shop!  

If you would like to learn more about any of the items in the treasury, just click on the image.  

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just Two Birds Singin

One peppy little garland, two happy birds, three circles and swoops, four electrical wires, countless tiny "flag" dots...  check back tomorrow to see this darling watercolor collage!

It's a thank you gift to my grandmother.  She gave Dan and I four sets of our china as a two year anniversary gift, and I'm giving her this whimsical painting in return!  I hope she likes it half as much as I love my china!  

Here are a couple photos of my china in the cupboard.  So beautiful...  (These photos are not showing the painting that will be revealed tomorrow.) 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Etsy Treasures: When the Stars Go Blue

A beautiful compilation of  blues, teals, and golds.
To learn more about each item, click here.

Painting #109 The Grass Looks Greener When the Sky Dances

Good morning!  This is a lovely, yet rare occurrence...  that I would post in the morning!  But... here it is!  I actually finished this painting last night, but was to tired to photograph, edit, and post. 

I feel like my eyes and soul could take a bath in these colors and come out feeling fabulous.  (If that made sense to you, please let me know so I don't feel totally crazy anymore!)  This is a 8x10 oil painting on canvas.  It is glossy, it is gleaming, it is an artistic fashion statement, and it would look fantastic on your wall...  
You can find it on my etsy shop if you feel so inclined:  EmilyJeffords.etsy.com

One more thing...  You may be asking yourself: "My!  I wonder what these darling little canvases will become?!"  If so... check back on Saturday morning!  They have been transformed into three of the cutest and most dramatic little paintings you will ever see.  AND, they are going to be only $20 each!  
Mark your calendars. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Painting #108 Garden Party Study

Can I just say that I love being a mother… I love being able to stay home and watch my daughter grow up. Today Annalisa took her first purposeful steps. Dan and I were holding her hands, and she was very wobbly and unsure, but it’s moments like this that I would give up almost anything to experience.

Life is full of these precious experiences; the ones you can’t really plan on, but stand out when you look back on your life. Then, there are the ones you can plan on. For example, your wedding day! I love this time of year! It seems that a special about of love and beauty abounds. I tried to capture a bit of that lush, soft, romantic aura that is in the air with my brush. I took a small section of a flower bouquet and featured just a few of the flowers and leaves in a unique composition. I love the colors and the contrast in this oil painting. This painting will be for sale on my Etsy shop: EmilyJeffords.etsy.com first thing in the morning!

Remember, if there is a painting you would like to commission (whether you have a photo or not) please email me! I love creating custom artwork that you and your family will cherish.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Painting #106 Where the Lights Shine Brightest

Around the Jeffords’ house, the day was devoted to yard work and car TLC. We had a grand time working together, although, I am worn out, to say the least… While pulling vines out of the bushes (my goodness they grow fast!) I stumbled upon some delicious black berries! What should I make out of them? I got about 2 pints.

I managed to squeeze in a couple hours of painting (ok, really, I wanted a break.) I am so pleased with how this watercolor painting turned out. It is such a collage of shapes, forms, colors, contrast, and Charleston! It measures 7x10 inches and is painted on very nice hot press watercolor paper. It will look stunning framed and on your wall! If you would like to buy it, it is for sale on my Etsy shop for $106! Just go to: Emil! Just go to: EmilyJeffords.etsy.com.

See you tomorrow!

PS.  I photographed this painting prior to signing it!  It is signed(!) with my traditional EJ swoosh. 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Progress... So, you may remember a few days ago (day 100 actually) I posted a watercolor painting called "Chandelier Warehouse"... this is its sister (or brother if you prefer). It's a watercolor of the same storefront from a different point of view. I just love the abstract shapes, and the depth of view created by store fronts. They fascinate me. This is a 7x10 watercolor painting that will, hopefully, be done tomorrow!  Do you have any title suggestions?

Have a wonderful Saturday! Enjoy time with family, friends, and the lawn mower...

Annalisa was just too cute to keep to myself today. We took her down town tonight and carried her around in her chest harness and had a grand time. She, of course, got covered with ice cream and kisses, and danced all the way down Main Street.


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