Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Painting #95 WV Landscape

Have you ever noticed how wonderful America is?  We had our primary elections today which means we got to vote!  How cool is that?  Now, maybe you chose not to take advantage of that... but you were able to (and you better vote in November!)  
Our land is incredible too.  What other country can offer such a huge variety of landscapes?  You can drive for a few hours and be in a completely different world (the beautiful poppy fields in North Carolina, to the majestic mountains of Colorado, go a little south and you're in the desert, a little north and there's snow, east and the sky is so huge above the wheat fields that you realize just how tiny you really are.)  I am so glad that I'm an American.  

Don't get me wrong, I love other countries!  I grew up in other countries!  But I'm really glad my birth certificate says I belong here.  

This landscape painting is very special.  A lady from Virginia asked me to paint it as an anniversary gift to her husband.  They've been married 20 years!  That's awesome.
Her husband, his father, and brothers, get together each year for their annual fishing trip.  Now, I'm not really that into fishing... but I can see why spending some time in this atmosphere would be rejuvenating.  How beautiful!
I hope he loves it!

Check back tomorrow for a very sweet painting.  I'm honored and excited to paint it! 
Of course, my Etsy Shop is open 24/7!  Check out if your house needs a little artistic flair.  

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Anonymous said...

I too am glad to be an American. Thanks Em for reminding us of how much we have in this great country and thanks for using your talents to put God's beauty on canvas.
Papa C


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