Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's time for a few changes!

I'm excited about the direction this blog is taking.  It's becoming its own living organism that I am sort of directing and guiding, but really, it's on its own!  
That being said... I need to be ready to grow, change, and develop along with it.  

The biggest change I'm going to be making is a slightly dramatic one:  Painting 365 is changing from 365 paintings, to 365 days of paintings.  Meaning, there will not be a painting completed every single day.  Now, before you start screaming, I will be painting every day, and completing paintings very, very frequently (4-5 a week), but not daily.  I'm actually very excited about this change for several reasons:

  1. it will allow me to create paintings at a intense rate, but it will also free me up to devote more time to a painting I think deserves it. 
  2.  will be able to involve you, my readers, much more in the process.  I am still going to post on my blog every day, showing you the progress made on the paintings and adding in several new and exciting features.  
  3. I am going to be featuring new artists every now and then as well as some unique articles that I hope you will find refreshing and engaging.  
  4. I will be able to create higher quality paintings instead of  higher quantity.  I will still be creating commission paintings, so keep them coming!  

 Because I know you are all curious, the painting are still going to be fore sale based on the day.  So, let's say I complete a painting on day 116, it will cost $116.  But, if I take the next two days to paint a more intense painting, and post it on day 118, it will cost $118.  So really, you're winning, I'm losing (but only dollar wise) because I'm taking two days to make one painting, but not increasing the price!  

I am so excited to see where this blog leads us this year!  Thanks for hanging on for the ride! 

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