Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Painting #101 Louisiana Sana Oil Sheen

Well. finally...  Painting #101 is making it's appearance.  I'm so sorry about the lag.  I've been fighting off a cold that has made me so tired!  I've actually been painting all the time, but when I sat down to post the painting at night, I just felt so exhausted.  But, here it is!  I painted a scene that I would never really ant to go see...  it's a southern, marshy lake, and I'm sure there's an alligator there.  I hate alligators more than pretty much anything.  But!  I loved the colors, the textures, the lighting, and the mood of the painting.  I used a lot of oil paint to create the very tactile trees and water.  Please, when you receive this painting, feel free to touch it!  Painting are not for eyes only...   
That being said, check out my Etsy page if you would like to feel and see this painting everyday in your house.

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