Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Catch-up time, paintings #85 and 86

After an amazing long weekend… I’m back.  It’s so refreshing to take a little time off.  I love painting.  I love the flood of creativity I force upon myself each day (whether I feel like it or not….), but, let me be honest, I needed a break.  So, thank you so much for understanding!  While I was out, I met several great artists in Charleston and Savannah, went to countless incredible design shops, enjoyed several incredible meals (I think if I weren’t an artist, I would be a foodie), soaked up a little bit too much sun, and had such a wonderful time with my husband, Dan, and daughter Annalisa.  This is our first real vacation since her birth 9 months ago, so, yeah, we enjoyed ourselves!

Before I left, I worked on three paintings; here are two of them!  

The first (#85) is a lovely, moody, seasonal landscape of our very own NC mountains.  I love the warm tones, the soft shades, and the huge amount of contrast.  I have to be honest; I fought with this painting.  I think I actually painted it three times before it felt right.  It is painted on a block of lovely wood from my grandfather’s wood shop.  


The second (#86) is a romantic portrait of a peony.  This was painted just in time because it rained and all of the beautiful peony blooms fell right off the plant…  it was very sad. But.  All is well because I have a painting of the last, and loveliest, peony bloom!  This is an oil painting on wood.  Both of these paintings are for sale in my etsy shop starting tomorrow!  I have many lovely photos of Savannah, GA, as well as a couple more paintings coming tomorrow!  So be sure to check back!

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