Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Painting #110 The Eastern Sunrise

I’m back! I apologize for my inexcusable absence for the last two days! I can’t was that I’ve been enjoying the time away, because I haven’t been doing anything exceptionally fun that would keep me from you. Just life. Lovely, excitingly varied, life. I have been working on a commission watercolor painting. It’s coming along… and I think it will be beautiful when it’s done! I don’t want to post progress photos because watercolors can sometimes look very, very undone, and disjointed until the last moment, when they have that ah-ha moment. I love that. It’s my favorite part of painting. I plan on completing it on Thursday.

Tomorrow I will be out. A dear friend of the family has passed away, so I’ll be traveling to her funeral tomorrow. She was such a wonderful, Godly, encouraging lady. I know her family and many, many friends are going to miss her greatly. But, we know she is singing in heaven right now, not missing us at all.
The painting I did today was a bit of an experiment in texture. I used the back of the masonite board to get those little raised pattern. I enjoyed the variation, but prefer the smooth texture of the traditional masonite. Now I know! This painting was shamelessly inspired by Design Star (HGTV). There was a beautiful room designed using purples, lilacs, pinks, black and white, and it was stunning. Those colors were my inspiration as I painted this 12x16 oil painting.

This painting “The Eastern Sunrise” is for sale in my shop for $110! There are other lovely paintings of all sizes, styles, and prices still listed there, so check it out!

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