Saturday, June 26, 2010

Three of the Prettiest Things

Without further ado, here are the three darling little painting you’ve been waiting for! They are a garden party waiting to happen. I used three cheerful, summery shades for the backgrounds to create that happy, yet romantic, mood.

Each of these paintings are 2x3 inches, oil on canvas, with dark black/brown edges (so you don’t need to frame it if you don’t want to!)

Tutu in Green
Oil on Canvas, 2x3 inches
(pictured above) 

I just love the refined blue vase, the candy colors, the deep browns, and the blush-pink flowers that are the star of this painting. I’ve always wanted to have a huge vase full of tulips… and some day, I will! In the mean time, I painted a lovely arrangement that you can enjoy all year long.

Green Roses Sans Thorns

When Dan and I got married, I wanted green flowers, but not those absurd looking dyed monstrosities… natural, lush, and romantic looking flowers. These roses are pale green and b-e-a-u-tiful!  And the polka-dotted vase just seemed so right.

Hydrangea Hurrah

Pair this painting with a few paper flower garlands, cupcakes, bottles of Sparkling Blackberry Izze, and you have the perfect party. I just love the green hydrangea blooms, the dark and dramatic dotted vase, with the nectarine shaded background.

Cute, cute, cute...

These paintings are a mere $20 each! You can buy them off of my Etsy shop, or by sending me an email:

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