Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Painting #103 Quilted Fields

Day 103 and painting 103... see, all is normal despite the slight restructuring I outlined in my last post...  I've been quite busy today!  Along with all the blog posts I posted today, I also designed new business cards (they are super stylish.... photos coming as soon as I get them printed!)  and worked on a few new marketing ideas (top secret stuff).

I really love this painting!!!  The inspiration for it actually came during a church service about a year and a half ago... so I guess it is a divinely inspired painting.  And, yes, I was paying attention.  I start with a crazy, abstract line drawing right on the masonite, then start filling in the shapes with complimentary colors.  I chose various shades of greens and yellows for this one which is why it looks like a landscape.   It reminds me of lovely, lush fields, full of different crops.  I love flying over the mid-west;  such a beautiful quilted painting as far as the eye can see...

This is a 12x16 oil painting and will be in my Etsy Shop first thing in the morning!

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