Saturday, June 19, 2010

Progress... So, you may remember a few days ago (day 100 actually) I posted a watercolor painting called "Chandelier Warehouse"... this is its sister (or brother if you prefer). It's a watercolor of the same storefront from a different point of view. I just love the abstract shapes, and the depth of view created by store fronts. They fascinate me. This is a 7x10 watercolor painting that will, hopefully, be done tomorrow!  Do you have any title suggestions?

Have a wonderful Saturday! Enjoy time with family, friends, and the lawn mower...

Annalisa was just too cute to keep to myself today. We took her down town tonight and carried her around in her chest harness and had a grand time. She, of course, got covered with ice cream and kisses, and danced all the way down Main Street.

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