Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Painting #109 The Grass Looks Greener When the Sky Dances

Good morning!  This is a lovely, yet rare occurrence...  that I would post in the morning!  But... here it is!  I actually finished this painting last night, but was to tired to photograph, edit, and post. 

I feel like my eyes and soul could take a bath in these colors and come out feeling fabulous.  (If that made sense to you, please let me know so I don't feel totally crazy anymore!)  This is a 8x10 oil painting on canvas.  It is glossy, it is gleaming, it is an artistic fashion statement, and it would look fantastic on your wall...  
You can find it on my etsy shop if you feel so inclined:

One more thing...  You may be asking yourself: "My!  I wonder what these darling little canvases will become?!"  If so... check back on Saturday morning!  They have been transformed into three of the cutest and most dramatic little paintings you will ever see.  AND, they are going to be only $20 each!  
Mark your calendars. 

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