Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I didn't foresee myself painting a barn this year.  I wasn't actually apposed to it at all!  After all... my family does live in barn paradise...  I just didn't really think about it until, one day, I received this beautiful landscape/barn portrait in my email (along with breathtaking mountain views, and a close up of a wild BEAR! coming soon.)  You may remember a loooooong time ago, that I painted a scene of Montana on a small block of wood.  This painting was meant to coordinate loosely with that painting.  
This painting is much larger (12x16) and is painted on masonite, for easy framing and a sturdy surface.

Since the inspiration photo was emailed to me (which, by the way, YOU are more than welcome to do!) I'm going to give the sender a chance to buy this painting before putting it on my Etsy Shop.  But, there are several lovely painting there if you are feeling the oh-so-common art hunger.    

Check back this evening for a very important announcement!  

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