Monday, March 29, 2010

Painting #29 Montana Landscape

I'm excited. Dan and I are going on a date tonight. Like, a real date. Dinner at my favorite restaurant; Bin 112 (a supper-nice, yet affordable, locally owned place in Greer... amazing!!!), a movie (I think we're going to go see Green Zone if we can choreograph dinner/movie times), and a babysitter (thanks Mom Jeffords!).

I spent the other part of today cleaning up after, walking, feeding, chasing, pulling, and playing with "the puppy" (no name yet, because we don't know if we're keeping him),  painting, and getting my house back into a bit of order, and of course, playing with little Annalisa way too much. I did this oil paint based on a photograph sent to me by Kim, whose sister got married at this site in Montana.  What a great birthday gift, Kim!  You've got class...  ; ) I've been to Montana once with some friends to go skiing one winter.  Apparently, it looks so beautiful in the winter as well as late summer! I really enjoyed painting this scene. It incorporated the landscapes that I love to paint, with some more detailed foreground objects as well.

Because the idea for this painting was sent to me by Kim, I'm going to give her the chance to buy it before posting it on Etsy. I'll let you know if it goes on there in the next couple days. It will only be $29 if I list it, so check back soon! In the mean time, you can also find a couple other paintings that have not yet sold in my shop.

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A Glimpse of our Life... said...

We love the painting! Looks like where we got married. You did a great job! We just got it in the mail today. Good luck with your 365 day adventure! I admire your style and spunk.
Lindsey (Kim's sister)


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