Friday, March 12, 2010

Painting #12 "Garden Observation I" an Oil Painting

Normally the fact that I’m charging so little for these paintings doesn’t bother me. I am just thrilled that people like my work and hope you will keep coming back for more! But this painting is different. I’m not really sure why… Maybe it’s the fact that I would normally sell this painting for at least $100. And I really like it. I love flowers! The house we are in right now has gardens all around it and a huge variety of flowers! It’s so much fun for me, as an artist.  I’m sure you will be seeing several more Garden Observations in the months to come!
This is a 6.25 x 9.5 inches oil painting of a beautiful pale pink blossom. Again… I don’t know what kind it is. Any ideas? This painting is being listed on day 12, and therefore will be sold for $12.00! What a steal! If you live in Greenville, and are willing to pick up this painting, I will wave the $8 shipping fee. If you would like to buy this painting email me!

The first person to email me wins!
As always, I love your comments and suggestions on this painting and others!

1 comment:

Rob W. Oakley said...

This reminds me of the pink roses I planted for my sister. Very beautiful ^_^


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