Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Painting #23 "White" an oil painting

White...  I love white flowers.  They are so elegant, simple, unassuming...  I had them in my bridal bouquet (which was breathtaking, thanks to the Floral Palette!)  I love white towels, white appliances, white curtains, white shirts, white gold...  My students always ask me what my favorite color is.  I tell them I can't pick one because they're all so incredible, which doesn't fly with them, so I tell them my favorite color is white because it holds all the colors (totally confusing as an artist.)  But I think it really is... well, at least one of my favorites... 

I hope this painting enhances your appreciation for white and all the lovely shades therein.  Because It's a commission piece, I'm not listing it on my Etsy page, but would still love your feedback on this painting!  And with that, I wash my brushes, and put my daughter to bed.

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