Sunday, March 7, 2010

Painting #7 "All the Sheep Have Gone"

Here is painting #7! It's an oil painting of a serene landscape, painted on Birch wood. It's 6x4.5 inches.
At first, I painted the edges red, but it looked a little to overpowering. So, now they're black. Much better. The name "All the Sheep Have Gone" seemed fitting. This scene reminds me of a lush, green, pasture in the hills.   You can buy this painting on at my online shop!  Can I just say that it look so cute and pretty in person!  For some reason, the photos don't do this painting justice!

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday! I know I did. My husband works for New York Life and has been working ALL DAY for the past three days. It's good to have him home tonight! Since he was working this afternoon (a rare occurrence on a Sunday,) my mother-in-law and I went down town after church and had lunch at a little restaurant by the river. It was so warm and sunny... Then we went back to church, and my daughter, Annalisa took a nap in my arms. I just love that. All in all, I had a beautiful day! What did you do today? Anything exciting? Get engaged? Plant the first flowers of the season? Watch a baby take it's first steps? Isn't it wonderful how many little exciting moments happen throughout life?

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