Saturday, March 13, 2010

Painting #13 "Changes" Oil painting

Ya! We’re home! Normal life may now resume. Not that I really know what that is! It seems that ever since I went to college my life has been constantly changing, molding into something, I’m not really sure what it is yet. I do know that I love my husband and will be with him forever, and I love my daughter who lights up the house with her squeals. Beyond that, it’s up to God.

But, it’s good to be home.
But, down to business… this painting, affectionately called “Changes” is a 7.5x9.25” oil painting of a landscape on the verge of summer and fall.
This painting is being listed on day 13 of 365, and therefore will be sold for $13.00! What a steal! If you live in Greenville, and are willing to come by my house to pick up this painting, I will wave the $8 shipping fee. If you would like to buy this painting email me!
The first person to email me wins!
As always, I love your comments and suggestions!

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