Thursday, March 11, 2010

Painting #11 "Revive" an oil painting

[[Written two days ago]] Hello!

Today (if all goes as planned) I will have gone to several concerts and speech recitals and spent time with my wonderful family. My sister, Rebekah, is an incredibly talented violinist, pianist, singer, and speaker. My brother, Matthew, is also very talented on the violin and piano. They are performing in several competitions today. I hope they do well!

My family lives in Findlay, Ohio (for now. They move around a lot...) It's a little city, comprised of a couple large companies, and a ton of farms. This painting reminds me of the very beautiful landscape around Findlay in the early summer. There are so many large fields, bordered by woods. This painting also reminds me of those early days of summer; when it's so warm and sunny and all of nature seems happy and revived.

This painting is an oil landscape in my favorite colors! It's 9x8 inches. I painted the edges red to give it a dramatic flare. If you would like to buy this painting email me!

The first person to email me wins! This painting is only $11.00!!! (Plus, $8 for shipping.) If you live in Greenville, you are more than welcome to come by my house and pick it up! We live near downtown, so it's nice and convenient.

As always, I greatly value all comments and critiques of my work. I want to dramatically improve my paintings this year, and your insight is priceless.
Check back tomorrow at 6:00pm for painting #12! It’s one of my favorite ones yet!

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Amanda said...

It does look like a NW Ohio landscape! Very pretty :)


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