Friday, March 5, 2010

Painting #5 "Olivas Jaen" a small watercolor

After sending out my “casting call”, I received an email from a college friend who now lives in Spain. She sent me several incredible photographs. Here is a watercolor I based on one of her photos.
I want to share with you what she said about the photograph. I found in fascinating! Thanks Elena!

"'Olivas Jaen' is a picture of some olives from one of the olive trees in my uncle's orchard. My mom is originally from Jaen, where the BEST olive oil in the world is made (ok... I am a bit biased). Olive oil has literally been an integral component of my family growing up, since we have many uses for it: cleaning, healing, gifts, and of course, memorable meals with friends and family around the table. These little olives yield a golden liquid that is worth more to me and my family than the actual metal."

FYI, because I created this painting for a specific individual, I will give her a chance to purchase the painting before posting it on my Etsy shop. 

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JeremyandElizabeth said...

Love it Emily! I'm going to have to see if you might be interested in doing some paintings of some ferns for me. :) I've been wanting a set of 3 ferns for my dining room for a while... we'll have to chat sometime about my ideas and see if you are interested!



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