Saturday, March 27, 2010

Paintings #26 and #27 Earthy Oil Paintings on Wood - and little bits of real life.

Meadow, oil on wood

I must preface this post with an apology. I’m sorry for not posting a painting yesterday. Yesterday was just “off”. I actually started painting three paintings…. Finishing zero... My best excuses is that I taught art ALL DAY, and was away from my child far more than I would prefer. So, today, I made up for it by painting two paintings that are especially unique because they are painted on such beautiful and “earthy” wood. I love that the wood is covered in the tree's bark! My grandfather is a wonderful woodworker, and he salvaged them for me.  When I was contemplating what to paint on these beautiful wood blocks, an oil landscape felt perfect.

Growing up, we used to go to Colorado to go skiing, and I always loved looking at the mountain range. They are so majestic and strong looking and made me feel so small. There’s something awesome about feeling small, and knowing that there’s a God that created that mountain, and to Him, that’s really small… and yet… He knows me.     l i t t l e        m e…
My family arrived from Ohio this evening. They’re stopping by on their way to Florida. It’s so good to see them and I know they love seeing Annalisa!

Painting #27 is coming tomorrow! If you would like to buy either of the paintings I’ve listed today (or a couple left over from the past) go to my shop!

As always, I love your comments, suggestions, ideas…

Continental divide, oil on wood

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