Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Painting #2 a little watercolor

When I was little, I drew a picture of my “dream house” and along with the horse field, apple trees, herb garden, and tire swing, were about 25 individually drawn daffodils. All outlined and colored with a yellow pencil. In honor of that drawing I present to you, painting #2.

With all the blizzards, snow storms, and deep freezes we’ve been experiencing, I thought it would be nice to feature a little spot of spring.

This is a 4.25 x 5 inch watercolor painting.  I had fun adding layers upon layers of paint.  I love the way watercolor reacts while drying.  This would be a perfect painting to spice up a shelf or nook, and would look darling with a white matte and blonde or black wood frame… but I’ll leave that part up to your design sense.

If you would like to buy this painting, you may do so on my etsy shop! EmilyJeffords.etsy.com
It is Only $2, just like I promised!

Check back tomorrow for painting #3!

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