Thursday, March 4, 2010

Painting #4 "Prairie" watercolor landscape

Paint… it’s everywhere. I mean, really, how messy can I really be. Oil paint is the worst. It takes a few days to dry, so while I’m working in my studio I’ll touch a smudge of paint, and it somehow spreads EVERYWHERE!!! I feel sorry for my daughter, Annalisa. She’ll be in her bed crying, but before I can get her I have to scrub my hands for a while. By the time I go to get her, she thinks I’ve abandoned her to her desperate fate. It’s quite sad!

With my daughter’s welfare in mind, I decided to work in watercolor today. It’s supposedly neater and much faster to wash off. Except… when I dabble in a little ink. I mean, it was right there! I couldn’t resist… Poor Annalisa.

Nonetheless, here is the painting of the day! Day #4. It’s a simple watercolor called “Prairie”.  It is 11.75x5.25.   I love uncluttered paintings. I think they are very pleasing to look at. Maybe it’s just me… What do you think?
To purchase this lovely watercolor, go to my etsy shop!
Comments are always welcome!
Come back tomorrow evening for painting #5!


Anonymous said...

Hey Emily!
Love this painting--and I just love the 365 painting concept. I really look forward to following your blog and to see your beautiful work!

EmilyJeffords said...

thank you!

I hope you will check back often!

Erin said...

Oh man! I wish this one hadn't sold yet!!! Love it! But...I'll be back to see the next paintings as they are finished!


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