Monday, March 1, 2010

Painting #1

It's here!!! The first of three hundred, sixty five!

This is an oil painting (worth WAY more than $1) But, true to my word, I'm selling the first painting for just $1.

This is a lovely, serene oil painting of a grassy field with hills or trees in the background. The sky is lit up in a beautiful, dusky, pink sunset. The painting is 7x9 inches. It's not framed, but would look beautiful in a simple black frame, or just displayed on a stand like I have shown.

You can buy it on my etsy shop!

I love painting impressionistic landscapes like this! You'll be seeming a couple more in the weeks to come!

I would love you comments on this painting!

Stay tuned!  Another painting will be posted tomorrow!


Rob W. Oakley said...

This is very intriguing ^_^ So do you plan to create a single painting for everyday of the week? Just out of curiosity. . . Where would one go to purchase this particular piece? is it still for sale? -Peace

Rob W. Oakley said...

* correction: "A painting for every day of the [year]?" ^_^

Emily Jeffords said...

Hey Robby!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Yes, it is one painting for every day of the year. 365 paintings. The paintings will be listed every day on the blog and sold on my shop

Check back often! Daily infact! ; )


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