Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Painting #24 Down by the Water - A little Oil painting

Today has been an excellent day. May be it was just the weather (75 and sunny? The best….) and I was able to stay home all day with my daughter, to paint, decorate my art room a little more, go on a nice walk, and do some gardening. Some days I feel more alive than others, and today was one of those days.

I’m posting something I’ve never done before…. Painting progress pictures! It’s kind of fun to see the painting “grow”. This painting was based on a photograph given to me by my dear friend Rebecca. Thanks for sharing this lovely scene Becca! It is an oil painting on a wood block.

Also, I had to share these photographs of my precious daughter, Annalisa Grace with you. I know that they have nothing at all to do with painting or art, but they have everything to do with my life! Just look at those eyes!  She is almost 7 months old, learning to sit up and grab things. Adorable…  Sorry about the little crusties on her nose.  She's had a little cold and she hates having her nose wiped. 

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Amanda said...

So pretty! (painting & baby!)


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