Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hold On! Oil Painting #18

Tonight Dan and I watched an episode of House online. It was about this lady who, along with being horribly ill, was obsessed with her blog. Dan and I both agreed that can never be me. I can see how it would be very easy to become so engrossed in a blog. It’s freeing to just talk out loud, to no one in particular. I like it. But not that much.

I just gave my daughter a bite of cookie, and she spit it right back out. Good girl. Keep that chubby waist line…  cutie pie!  ; )

Here is painting #18! A rendering of some of the most lovely little orchids ever. Dan brought home a tinsy tiny orchid plant, in a tiny pot. It was darling. Thankfully I took a photo and now have a painting of it, because my green thumb, which is not very green anyways, turns black when it comes to orchids. I’ll just stick to painting I guess. This painting is one of my special favorites. I just love dark, simple backgrounds! It is a 4.75 x 6.5 inch oil painting. I called “Hold On” partly because I wanted this little plant to live for more than a month, and partly because I listened to that song by Michael Buble way to many times while painting it.

Email me, or go to to buy it! Only $18

Also! I am announcing the official debut of a new series of black and white lanscape collages on Saturday, along with painting #20.  Stay tune!  It's exciting!  (But come back tomorrow too, to see painting #19... Of course.)


Christy Hebert said...

I have all black thumbs as well. I killed a cactus once. :) How do you do that?

Emily said...

wow... I have no idea... ; )


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