Friday, June 25, 2010

Painting #110 Deck the Sky With Festive Songs

And... here it is!  My gift of gratitude to my grandparents for their lovely gift to me... and one of the cutest paintings I've featured here!  I just love creating collages...  they feel so complex, yet relaxed with their many layers and textures and shapes.  This collage was especially enjoyable because it's just so happy!  Two little care-free birds signing together on a decked-out cheerful set of electrical wires.  I added the black and white border to give the painting a bit of weight and to add a little drama.  

I used watercolors paper, watercolor paints, pen and ink, a variety of fine papers, and some shimmering vellum paper.  

What do you think?  I would like to do a few more paintings in this style, so if you have any ideas, please let me know!  

Don't forget to check back tomorrow morning (not too early of course...) for three darling, little, paintings that will fit in any budget and decor perfectly!

I know this blog isn't about Annalisa....  but she's just so cute and photogenic.  It's hard for me not to include her in EVERY post, so I don't feel bad about slipping a few photos in every now and then...  besides, she helped me with this collage.  She crumpled up the paper I wasn't using.  Thanks, baby!  

She's got her "puffs" snack.  Life is good.  

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