Sunday, June 6, 2010

Painting #91 Why They Call it G-ville

Wow, what a day...   For starters, I didn't paint today!  (well, at least not very much  I just did a little touch up.)  Secondly, we did so much yard work, I got blisters.  But, the yard look GREAT!  I created a few more lovely pant arrangement in pot I gathered from all corners of the yard (there are more than four corners, so I had a lot to work with!)  I'll post photos of them tomorrow.  Another odd event of he day:  Dan and I didn't finish dinner until after 11:00!  How romantic...  

Greenville is so beautiful this time of year...  Which is why I felt so inspired to paint this painting!  It looks like the earth is glowing, or at least completely saturated with the happiness of color.

It is an 12x16 inch oil painting.  This painting is large enough to make a real statement on your wall.  It would look so great framed in a black wooden frame, or you could go all baroque and dress it up with a gold ornate frame (come on, almost every home needs a little dramatic grandeur in at least one spot).  That is totally up to you, and I trust that you will make a fabulous decision.  
Check out my Etsy shop for this, and other lovely paintings.  

By the way, let me just say that if you would like me have a frame made for your painting I will be more than happy to help you coordinate the perfect frame and matte (if needed) for your painting.  Just ask me!  

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