Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Paintings #87 and 88

I have been wanting to create an abstract watercolor painting for a while now.  But, it somehow morphed into a somewhat abstract, but much more realistic, landscape. Oh well.  You know I love landscapes!  God gave us this incredible word to enjoy after all!  I painted this on professional grade watercolor paper (as always).  Personally, I think this painting would look amazing with a nice thick white matte around it (3-4 inches on each side), and a simple wooden black frame.  Classy and stylish. 
You can find this lovely watercolor in my Etsy Shop:

The second painting I'm posting today (I'm still dong a bit of catch up from our recent get-aways) is a commission painting of a lovely secluded lake with a (seemingly) perfect rocky perch.  It is a 12 x 16 inch oil painting.  I hope this brings back all sorts of wonderful memories for you guys!  

And.... I felt like it was time for a little Annalisa cuteness.  She is not crawling yet, but she loves to get into things!  Somehow she lunges over everything in her way.  The only place I am able to place her is in the middle of the floor!  She's so precious to me....  

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