Sunday, June 6, 2010

Painting #92 Tweet to Me!

Is this not one the cutest robins you've ever seen.  We live in one of Greenville "bird havens" (which included a couple huge owls!) so there are always birds singing in the trees.  I love that.  

I had a lot of fun painting this second bird painting (out of three in a set).  These little cubby birds are just so joyful and cute!   What color should the next one be...?

This oil painting is 9.25x8.5 inches on beautiful wood with regal looking black edges giving the painting a framed look (without actually needing to be framed!)
This painting can stand on it's own, or lean against a wall (say, on a small shelf?) or be the perfect pop of color in a bookcase, or on your mantle... the possibilities really are endless. If you would like to hang it on a wall, I can attach a small tooth-like hanger on the back. Just let me know!

You can find this painting on my Etsy Shop, along with several others.  And remember, if there is a painting you would love to see hanging in your home, please email me and tell me about it!  I love doing commission paintings that will be very personal for you.  

And with that, I'm off to bed.  Have a wonderful Sunday!  

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