Thursday, June 3, 2010

Painting #90 The Little Yellow Told Me...

What a lovely day this has been.  First, my daughter took a wonderfully long nap, allowing my to work for an extended period of time on this painting!  Which, by the way, I love.  It was something that I have been wanting to do for quite some time (well, like three days, really)... and I loved every moment.  
There were so many more things that made today good, but as I was typing them out, I realized how mundane they were; things only I find satisfying because it's my house, and my life.  Not things that pertain to this blog in the least.  

About this painting:  It is a 10x8.25 inch oil painting of a yellow warbler, painted on a block of beautiful wood from my grandfathers wood shop.  The edges are painted black for a framed effect.  This painting can stand on it's own, or lean against a wall (say, on a small shelf?) or be the perfect pop of color in a bookcase, or on your mantle... the possibilities really are endless.
If you would like to hang it on a wall, I can attach a small tooth-like hanger on the back.  Just let me know!
This is day 93... but somehow I'm on paining #90.  (odd... I'll have the check on that)
so this painting will be sold on my etsy shop for the incredible price of $90!

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