Friday, October 21, 2011


In case you're wondering what occupies my time these days:

I just had to share some photos I took yesterday.  My little darlings sure to keep me busy, but they also keep me smiling, happy, laughing, on my toes, active, attentive, peaceful, and oh so joyful. I wouldn't trade Annalisa Grace or Madelyn Ansley for anything in the world.  
We're having fun together on our Texas adventure.  

It doesn't hurt that they're both ridiculously cute... 

Annalisa is 2 now (!) and Madelyn is 8 month old.  They're both learning so much and have started to really enjoy playing together.  So fun.

1 comment:

Rich, Kim and Trevor said...

Your girls are just precious...and getting so big! Glad you're doing well.



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