Thursday, August 4, 2011

Headed West - Painting Progress

Well it's not done yet... but close!  I'll try to finish it tonight and post pictures tomorrow of the completed piece.  I know right where its going to go, and I'm so excited to frame it and hang it up!!  Why does oil paint take sooo long to dry??  I just love working on large canvases.  <3

...isn't Annalisa getting big!!  You can't really tell here, but she's running, and skipping, and dancing, and using new words every day.  I love it.  She has an infatuation with this painting too.  Maybe it's because it's sitting on a box on the ground... (my art table broke in our move and I haven't gotten a new one yet.  Besides, what more could I want!  I have a big box and a pink velvet poof!) ...or maybe it's because I keep telling her not to put her fingers in the paint... or maybe she's a natural born artist and she just can't resist those colors and smells, and textures... 

I'm going to go with that one. 

Check back tomorrow for the latest piece in my growing "Texas collection"!

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