Monday, May 10, 2010

Painting # 68 A Proper Cup of Tea

Sundays are difficult days for me… I mean, as far as painting is concerned. Dan and I love our church and spend a lot of time there on Sundays, which I love, but it does make it a little hard to find time to paint. Add to that an incredible art show down town, a baby who is teething, and mother’s day! I love this holiday! It’s like having a mini birthday in May. Hence, yet another posting after midnight… My short term goal is to get up early tomorrow, paint my painting in the morning, have a nice leisurely afternoon, teach my kids in the late afternoon, and enjoy a quiet evening without any paint in my fingernails. It’s good to have attainable goals… We’ll see if this one is or not.

Anyways, I painted an oil painting on “Curly Maple” wood (I really want to see a curly maple bonsai. Would that not be the cutest little tree?) of a little succulent teacup arrangement I’ve been admiring for a couple days now. I just love the tiny sculpture look these plants have and all the colors their leaves hold! When you first look at one, it just looks green… but then, all of the sudden, you notice yellow areas, blue shadows, purple tips, and a hundred other shades. Oil paint is perfect for drawing out all these variations and making them look "painterly". I love all the texture this painting has. You just have to feel the leaves with your fingers. It's very therapeutic .

This painting is for sale on my Etsy shop a long with a few other paintings that are still for sale.

If you have a scene, place, or object you would like me to paint, please email it to me! I love doing commission pieces. I believe everyone should have art that is personal to them. “Home is where the art is.” You can quote me. ; )
Here are a a few snap-shots of our lovely day in sunny down-town Greenville, during "Artistphere".  What a great mother's day!

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