Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Artsy mother's Day Gift-Giving Guide

Mother's day is coming, and is the perfect time show your mom you really, really love her (now that I'm a mother, I'm all over this holiday!)  But please, leave the boring gifts in the store for the other people to buy... your mom deserves something special, something made with care.
Here are a few great ideas for the artsy-chic mom.

1. a sweetly simple "bud vase"
2. an original 9x8 oil palm painting (love the moody weather feel) by Kate Murphy
3. super cute red poppy flowers (and they'll never die!) Created by TheJoyofColor
4.Yummy coffee truffles... what a perfect gift made by Lollidreams
5.a beautifully detailed dragonfly coffee mug
6. the perfect towel, a French "flower sack" dish towel.
7.a totally picturesque landscape by Erin Spencer
8.Letterpress coasters (I would have a hard time getting them wet they're so pretty!)
9. Magnets that make a fashion statement
10.a beautiful repurposed etched chandelier
11.lovely little intricate tea lights, made in Israel by Wapa
12. Sweet Succulent Hens and Chick plant arrangement


Thejoyofcolor said...

Such wonderful finds Emily. I see some of my Etsy favorits here.
Thank you so much for inclusing my Poppies.

schickimickis said...

Great collection, love love love the red poppies, they are adorable!

Ady said...

so pretty. Some great work that my mother will love to own.

Erin said...

Awesome! Thanks for much for including my small landscape painting:)

SarahSings said...

I love all of these things!
Thanks so much for including my chandelier etched window!!


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