Sunday, May 16, 2010

Soft chubby cheeks next to mine, tiny little breathes on my neck, and a sweet baby in my arms… life doesn’t get to much more precious… sorry, I’m trying to focus on writing this, but Annalisa is getting to active to cuddle as much as she used to, so I soak up all the time I can get, and it's distracting!

This is really the first quiet moment either of us have had all day! My brother is going to boot camp in the morning, so we’ve been thoroughly enjoying his last day of freedom. Golf, two huge man-sized meals, he and my husband went to see Robin Hood, and of course, lots baby love from Annalisa (I’m pretty sure she gets enough attention…) He’s going to be such great Marine. We’re all very proud of him and you should all feel much safer.

In the middle of all that, I carved out a few hours to work on this painting! I love Charleston. The grand homes, the beautiful gardens, the water, the shops, the iron fences… but when I visit a city, I don’t want to see only the beautiful and tourist filled areas, I want to discover the real essence of the city. What the “natives” see. This watercolor is one attempt at accomplishing that. It’s a side street in Charleston. You can see the glitz and glam of the market ahead, but you’re not surrounded, not caught up in it.
Enjoy! And come back tomorrow. I’m going to give a few framing tips! Good artwork is only as good as the framing job! Ok, I don’t totally believe that, but it’s somewhat true… ; )

Say goodbye to those Jewish locks Benny-boo (he hates that nick-name...)
And the boy becomes a marine.

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