Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Painting #70 Where the Beautiful Leaves Grow

I love Tuesdays. They are my second-favorite day of the week (weird, I know). This Tuesday was especially nice because I was able to sleep in a little with my baby girl (love that…), paint, tidy up the house, and paint some more, then get swept off to dinner with my hubby. PF Changs, always a makes my evening.

On a different note, have you ever noticed the odd effect night has when it’s falling on top of day? Especially when it’s cloudy out? The earth is still bright, but it looks like a we’re living in a light box. Everything is too bright, to illuminated. Then, it gets really gloomy, all of the sudden. That’s where this painting comes in. Just in between that post-light box glow and pre-night gloom. But, please, don’t think that this painting is gloomy. It’s not! It just has that crazy evening glow.

I painted this scene in watercolor, having a lot of fun with the water effects. I love the way I am able to layer watercolor paint and see all the translucent layers, creating a very intricate visual effect. This painting is 7.75x10.25 inches on beautiful watercolor paper.

This painting looks incredible in a black frame with a white matte. Beautiful… You can buy this painting on my Etsy page!

Please stop by tomorrow to see painting #70!

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