Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Painting #76 Dripping Purple Berries

I’ve decided that you just can’t be too serious with watercolors… It just doesn’t work (at least, not for me). Maybe I’ll attempt a very dark, somber, formidable watercolor painting sometime this year, but I can’t really see it working with my style. Instead, I go a little crazy, a little elegant. Interesting combo, I know. I love the way the berries seem to be dripping off the branch. They look so tasty! I’m sure they are probably poisonous and deadly, but they look so scrumptious! I used to eat berries in the woods around our home when I was younger. Somehow the thrill that it might be poisonous was very exciting. I was young and foolish.  
Ah well. Here I am, still living a breathing.

This painting is an 8x10 inch watercolor. The photograph I worked from was sent to me by a lady that found these berries growing wild on the Smokey Mountains around Thanksgiving time! What a great little surprise! Because this painting's inspiration was sent to me, I’m going to give the sender a chance to purchase it before I put this painting on my Etsy shop. But please check it out if you are looking for a special gift or décor for your home!

Check back tomorrow for painting number 77! Wow! I can’t believe I’ve gotten so far! Thank you all SO much for your support!

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