Thursday, May 6, 2010

Painting #65 Burtonsville, NY II

8x10.5 watercolor painting

And here's the original photograph

Once again, I have the privilege to paint a little bit of my legacy: my great-grandparents home in Burtonsville, NY. It’s such a rich, lush, woodsy area. When I last visited this home, (I was about 12,) it was for a 100th birthday party and family reunion, and yes, there were 100 candles on the cake. Now that’s a rare and incredible sight. I remember looking at the front porch and wondering how many things that house had “seen”. How many kids were born and raised there? Was my grandfather a baby in this house? How many storms has it survived? How many Christmas trees have been decorated here? I guess I was a bit of a sentimentalist (ok, I still am).

This watercolor doesn’t really capture everything, (it couldn’t!) but I hope it is a beautiful illustration of all the memories that have be made throughout the years. I love the contrast created by the warm sky, the cozy front porch and the huge, dark, protecting trees. It looks so inviting!

I have an idea… but it will need your input. I would like to start “Yellow Wednesdays”. I will paint a painting with some yellow in it, and you will send me yellow things you find throughout the week. Rain boots, a yellow balloon, your kid eating a banana, a yellow taxi driving by… anything! I’ll compile these photographs and give you photo credit (if you want). I think it would be fun! Let me know what you think about it!

I’m also including some photographs of our play date today. We went to the river and had a lovely picnic in the sunshine. The babies are all so cute together!

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