Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cotton Candy Sky Over Raymond Street

Well, now that it’s officially Saturday (even by my somewhat skewed clock), I’m posting my painting for the day… well, make that yesterday. This is Friday’s painting. It’s beautiful. But really, how could I go wrong with this subject matter! God is such an incredible artist. Just look at the sky! Each and every day it is radically different. I could never hope to paint thousands and thousands of sky paintings and make them all different – off the top of my head! The sky scene in the photograph that was sent to me was no less astounding. There were little bright orange, peach, and purple cotton ball clouds dotted all over the sky. I’ve never seen a sky like that one (again, proving my point…).  And have you noticed that the sky changes dramatically across the country (and world for that matter).  Where were you last time you looked up and stood in awe of the canvas above your head? 

This is an 8x10 watercolor painting of a beautiful house that the family is moving out of, so I hope this painting will be a sweet reminder of their lovely home.
If you have a photograph you would like me to paint, send it to me!  I love creating paintings that are  meaningful to individuals (e.i., you…), so bring it on!

You can also check out all the paintings that are still for sale on my Etsy Page.

Happy Saturday!!!


JPM said...

LOVE it. I can't wait to "gift" it to my parents.

EmilyJeffords said...

I hope they love it!!! I'm glad you do!


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