Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Painting #69 Poppy Fields

Have you ever stumbled across a beautiful surprise when you least expected it? Last year, Dan and I were driving to Ohio, a long and over-driven route, when all of the sudden, the landscape around us turned red and orange. At that time, I was pregnant, and Dan and I dreamed of taking Annalisa (we already had her name picked out) to NC to take photographs in the poppy fields… maybe we’ll go on Saturday. Wouldn’t that be fun! In the mean time, I’ve painted one. I just love the bright cadmium red color of these flowers. They seem so alive and happy!  

This impressionistic painting looks so great in areas that need just a little pop of color. I placed it on our mantle (a neutral stone) and it made the whole area look stunning and vibrant! So, check out your home, and if there are any dull areas, check out my Etsy page to see if this painting is still available! It doesn’t need a frame and it can stand on its own! Perfect…

I mentioned, last week sometime, that Annalisa is in a photo contest, but she needs all the votes she can get ….. ; )

I’m still taking commission paintings, so send me your photographs!


Gwendolyn said...

Em- what are the dimensions on the poppy piece? (I hope I'm not missing them in some totally obvious place :)

Hill said...

oh gracious. i am in love with this piece. is it already sold???

Hill said...
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Hill said...
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Hill said...
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Emily Jeffords said...

Thanks so much for your interest in my work! I'm glad you love this painting. It's one of my favorites too...
It's 5x7.5 inches on a beautiful block of wood.

It has not been sold yet!
Email me if you would like to buy it, or go to my Etsy page and you can buy it there.




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