Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Magnolias on my Mind

I'm going on a date tonight, planning a day trip with my (just) hubby, and getting ready for our first real  vacation...  I've been having a lot of fun online today.  I'm taking Dan away for a day trip to Atlanta for his birthday.   I think we're going to have a great time!  Any suggestions for things to do, see, and eat while there?

In between all my get-away designing, I managed to create an oil painting for an old college friend of mine. We're both in love with magnolias.  Our magnolia tree is making our whole yard smell heavenly.  This is my first time living with a magnolia tree and I think I shall have to have one no matter where I move.  

Check back tomorrow for painting #78!  It's going to be lovely!  Also, if you are going to a birthday bash, wedding, house-warming shin-dig, baby shower, dinner party, your mom's house, or anywhere else, you need to pick up a gift from my Etsy shop!  I'll wrap it beautifully, and you'll have the perfect gift, making you so popular you'll have to hire a secretary to handle all the e-vites you'll receive...  

A beautiful box of wood from my grandfather. 
The painting possibilities are endless!

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