Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Painting #82 Water Lily

When I was 16 I was able to see Manet’s Water lilies oil painting live and in person. I got as close to that painting as my bonds would let me. I remember leaning over those horrid red velvet ropes to examine all the little color variation… and (somewhat embarrassing) to see if I could smell the paint. I was in my own little painting heaven. I’m sure the guards were watching my very closely, ready to pounce if I went any further. I wanted so badly to touch it! Paintings are meant to be felt as well as seen! (Please, when you get one of my paintings, don’t be afraid to feel it!)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not comparing my water lily painting to THE Water Lily painting! I would never dream of doing that! About the only things they have in common are subject matter and oil paint!

I do think it’s very important to glean knowledge and perspective from other artists, especially great ones!

One of the hardest, and most instructive, projects I did in college was paint “after a master”. What a great way to pin point my strengths and weaknesses!

Shameless plug: If you live in the Greenville area, and want to get better (or begin) painting, consider taking a class I’m teaching this summer! “Painting Like The Masters”. We’re going to look at famous artists and create 2-3 paintings using their style. This is a great way to learn to paint or to dramatically improve your skills. Email me if you would like more info! I’d love to have you there (you obviously already have a good eye, because you’re on my blog…. j/k).

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