Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Painting #80 Beach, Here I Come

I'm in a beach mood. I really want to take Annalisa to the shore and watch her discover sand, and sun, and the waves. I hope she is not to scared! She hates loud noises more than pretty much anything. I was using a leaf blower a couple days ago, and she freaked out even though Dan was holding her. Poor little girl.

So, I hope she loves the ocean as much as I do even though it can be a little noisy. We'll see!

Our anniversary is on Monday (!) so I think we're going to take a little holiday at the shore. We're such free-spirits, we don't plan ahead...

In order to help get my husband in the beach mood, I painted a portrait of a shore line. It's a lovely, warm oil painting on a wooden block (no frame required!)

You can buy this painting on my Etsy Shop along with several other lovely (and affordable) paintings, perfect for that space that needs a little artistic bling.

Oh! And an installation is going up in my daughter's room tomorrow! So, be sure to check back for photographs! It's going to be stunning.

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